Carmen Live at the Met

The Metropolitan Opera House

The Metropolitan Opera House

Another great day at the opera! It started off with a group of OLLI members enjoying the trip to Phoenix. Before we knew it, we were at Arrowhead Center Mall and the theater. It was packed and most of us sat way up, but no matter where we sat our view was perfect.

Yannick Nezet-Seguin played Carmen and Roberto Alagna played Don Jose. Their chemistry, voices, acting, and Yannick’s dancing had everyone in the audience applauding along with the audience at the Met. Being a New Yorker, I have attended many operas at the Met. Yet, you can never see the facial expressions or the most intimate staging in person as well as you can on the screen.

Rene Fleming interviewed the performers as they left the stage, and we got a chance to see how the staging was broken down and reassembled. We also witnessed what only Hollywood could do: the understudy for Escamillo being called at 10AM to perform at 1PM as a replacement for Maurisz Kwiecien as the toreador, allowing him to make his Met début, but on short notice. He was wonderful!

After lunch at Miracle Mile Deli (Pastrami to die for – thanks Tricia) we headed home. What an exciting day for all of us!

Submitted by Louise Schloss