Summer Schedule!

Register for our Summer Schedule!

While you are waiting…  for the post office to deliver our summer schedules (maybe by Wednesday….) did you know you can enroll online??  You can click HERE to view the schedule on our Yavapai College website.

You can ALSO enroll yourself by clicking HERE and signing in.

If you haven’t gone on before, your user name is probably your email address. You can use “reset my password” to get the system to send you an encoded password.  You will then be able to sign in and reset both your user name and password to anything you’d like. Need help?  Call the office 717-7634.

It is really easy to enroll. The system knows whether or not your membership is current (you would already have received a letter from us if it was time to renew.) Use the yellow “home” button on the left side to navigate back to the beginning each time. Once you are signed in, the OLLI classes will have an “add to cart” button. If you need to renew your membership, select one by clicking “home” then “prescott olli” then “become a member/renew membership” and add it to your cart, then the system will let you select classes to add to your cart. Even if you have a $155 membership, and your classes are FREE, you need to add them to your cart and check out all the way, so your registration request will get into our system.

Need help??  Call the office! 717-7634


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