Spring 2 schedules are coming!!!

The Spring 2 schedules have gone out to the post office – they could hit mail boxes as early as tomorrow. Yeah!!


Just a heads up – Yavapai College declared a 2 hour delay this morning, which means that classes that start at 8 am were cancelled. Classes starting at 10 am (including OLLI’s) are all happening today. The roads are fine, as is the campus. Some thought that “2 hour delay” meant that everything meets 2 hours later – that ISN’T the case. 10 am classes will still meet at 10, and our 1 pm classes will also meet on time.



Weather is coming!

Looks like we’re in for some snow on Wednesday. Just a reminder – OLLI classes follow the Yavapai College schedule. If the college is closed due to weather, OLLI classes are cancelled. Check the college website, http://www.yc.edu, or the local radio, or call in to the OLLI office – I will change the voice mail if there is any news about campus closures. 

So, if you end up with extra time on your hands this Wednesday – how about considering joining an OLLI SIG or a committee? We’ve added a Chess Special Interest Group, contact Tom Green at 778-1111 or tagreen@owu.edu. Matt and Roseann Lukaszewski are starting a “Mindfulness Meditation” Special Interest Group. If you are interested, please call them at 830-1189, or email roseannmatt@earthlink.net. 

Finally, we have some wonderful committees that need your help!! Please consider joining the publicity or membership committees. We have wonderful members serving on these committees, but we can always use additional ideas and helpers!

Membership Committee:  This committee is responsible for new member orientation; conducting membership surveys; and other supportive membership activities. They meet as needed and report to the Governing Council monthly.  Contact Vaughn Delp-Smith: vaughnadine@gmail.com .

Publicity Committee:  They have the task to inform the community about OLLI as a valuable resource, with the help of public announcements, newspaper articles, radio and TV, presentations through a speakers’ bureau available to nonprofit organizations, and other appropriate communications.  Contact Louise Schloss, castle14@cableone.com